Flow State Mastery: Doing, Not Doing

Many of these concepts must be personally formed.

Our path and it's end are two parts of one whole. There is no separation from the work you put in and the goals you accomplish. Humans thrive on finding solutions to our problems. Selflessly or otherwise, we need a definitive driving purpose. Depending on our ambitions we will have varying degrees of focus. A master is one that never loses focus, even when they should probably take a break. One who has failed innumerable times, but learned much from each of them. It's easy to brag about success. However, to stay humble in victory, or to get back up and keep going in the wake of defeat, surely must be truer test of character. The hatred of one's work must also be felt at times. Nothing is always good, or vice versa. If you haven't suffered from your art, then you're not submerged deeply enough in it's beautiful tragedy. Your very being must at times coalesce into the greatest and most painful passion in order to grow. Knowing the risks and the rewards, the failures and eventual convergence of time with our fragile names. How can you not shake with anger knowing that God gave you life and love, only to rip it away? That is exactly why life is beautiful. We are faced with our mortality, and still we aim for impossible perfection.

This is a very Nick Diazesque, success through suffering philosophy that I highly identify with. If for no other reason than because I know it works. Sadly, we begin to feel bored, or even lost once our motivation has faded. Lack of purpose will turn a good person in on themselves. Towards drugs, and drinking, laziness and excuses. Hate and despair, nihilism and sloth.

As I stated before, your path and it's end are part of a singular whole. You're not separate from the past that brought you to this moment, but it hardly defines your future. Shine your light and others will see. We can help rekindle the passion of those around us simply by igniting ours. A smile is contagious, as is a positive mindset. If we pick up our burden and teach others the mindfulness to seek a goal, then I truly believe we can avoid a lot of tragedies in our society. Goodness is planting trees that you'll never eat the fruit from.

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