Flow State Mastery: Elemental Guide

I'll keep this guide short and sweet.

The mind-body-consiousness as a vehicle for motion and work takes upkeep. The mental forms you take will indicate the feeling your body is able to represent. This seems impossible, but with lots of visualization and meditation it becomes easy for the the mind to wander aimlessly. All things can be trained and learned through repetition. Apparently...

"As you think, so shall you become."

Using colors, animals, shapes, any intrinsic form to grant you a feeling of happiness or peace is the goal. If in times of great mental stress from your life relationships you could meditate on that cool waterfall you dipped your feet into, how much easier would life get?

This is the power of visualization and mediation. You don't use mediation while mediating anymore than you use a weapon on the range. Simply put, in whatever your fight you must summon the tides of your ancestral warrior blood. The fire in your soul, passion barked through the air, that earth making up your bones. You're as much universe as you are human.

14 billion years of divine evolution gave you the gift of life. Find a purpose and become it. Trust life.

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