Hard Sparring and Body Mechanics in MMA

As fighters we tend to be tough. I mean tough as 10-penny nails. You can choke us, kick us in the liver, ring our bells, but unless we get put to sleep, our bodies will not stop doing what they're trained to do.

In light of this we also have to develop a lighter touch. A gentle, almost playful side. To train effectively everyday, one must not do harm to themselves and others. More like a dance than a fight. Less about the war of ego, and more about gamesmanship and fostering growth. Building the form and technique required to have combat level balance and power takes years. Focusing on core strength and posture correction with Kelly Starrett's Bracing Sequence is a huge part of our gym's fundamental lesson plan. Shadowboxing in front of a mirror to find and fix flaws is also highly utilized. It always surprises me how effective combat skills work best while feeling peaceful.

However there's a darker side. When you train at a 7, sometimes you're not ready for level 9. One misstep and you're out of commission. A broken toe is one of the most common injuries on the mat. One of the smallest body parts determines way too much of our balance and power.

I'd get them all cut off if I thought it could truly help, but I'm guessing it would be expensive and pointless.

Maintaining balance and using your passion safely is always a key to striving. If you are reckless, the world will teach you about recklessness, set your focus to nurturing moderation. Too much of a good thing is just another bad one. Make the choices that set you up to live at your fullest potential and you'll never regret a day.


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