Perfect Weapon

The idea of perfection is abstract. It's completely subjective, yet holds a bottom line among various fields. We can picture what a perfect triangle looks like, but to physically create one is very much impossible. A line will be off by .00000001 degrees no matter how powerful the processor.

If you were to ask most strikers what the perfect weapon is you'll get a similar answer.

The jab, lead push kick, and the rear low kick. In a sort of violent Holy Trinity.

There is no singular perfect strike for various reasons. Using one tactic repeatedly is easy to read and counter. It's much the same as electrical currents. You need to alternate between power, height/level, angle, tempo, and speed at a given rate to be efficient and dangerous. It's best to work in patterns you don't even recognize in yourself while focusing on breathing, allowing instinct to pour out. That's one key to reaching a flow state, if such a thing exists.

The jab blocks vision and is your entry to the low kick The low kick is your set up for the teep (push kick). Your teep gives you the range and feints to land the jab. Mastering these 3 techniques and all of the positions that they create takes a lot of time with skilled training partners. They aren't the flashiest or most brutal, but they will land most often. Allowing that spinning back kick knockout to happen.


These techniques are only functional until a wrestler puts you on your ass and ties up your legs.


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