I like to attribute a lot of things outside of the ring to fighting. Most of our lives will be comprised of the many internal struggles that never reach beyond our minds. Waking up early for work, staying cool in the face of a hot-headed boss, reasoning with your child about why one more cookie only SEEMS like a good idea. It's all the push and pull of conflict. The Tides of Life, if you will.

That all being said, I had to make the decision to pull out of my fight at WFC 112 against Kalo Romero, from Escobar Training Grounds. We have a great relationship with their gym, we've trained and fought alongside each other for the better part of 3 years now. I have tons of respect for the team as a whole and suggest anyone in Lake Tahoe to go to their gym for any and all MMA training.

In regards to my injury, I could go out there compromised and still get a good result, but in the best interest of my health and family I'm going to wait until the next one. It hurts to do so, fighting in my hometown in front of my friends and family is what I live for. I will take this as time to mentally grow and help my students in their own journeys.

There are times where we all have to let go and deal with truth and reality. It's never easy to look into the mirror and boss ourselves around. We desire freedom, even from ourselves. However, in taking the seemingly lower road we often stumble upon new paths and meet new friends. Just rest and enjoy your journey. There's plenty of fighting left to do!


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