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UFC Fight Night 156: Mike Perry's Best Fight

While my memory is still fresh on the amazing performance by Mike Perry and Vicente Luque I wanted to point out how in the past 2 years we have seen him evolve immensely. From his personal life to his fights he seems to be progressing like very few other fighters on the roster. Possibly due to his raw talent and love of the game, he's so fun to watch that it is hard seeing him get his nose busted like he did.

Perry was working his jab and had some beautiful blitzing hand combos that visibly shook Luque. His wrestling and takedown defense were even showcased momentarily.

Luque did a great job throwing the spearing knee at various times when Perry was planted or ducking. I don't think it was enough to win him the fight though. It was sad to see the blatant bad calls made in Uraguay's first UFC event. It's a stark reminder of why it's important to support our favorite fighters. He will never look the same after tonight.

Who NOSE if Dana is gonna pay for that?

Also, keep a lookout for Uraguay's own, Luis Eduardo Garagorri. Now 13-0. The guy is going to be a serious contender in the 145 pound division in the following years.